Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Andy Skinners Timeworn Techniques online workshop

Ok I am still overwhelmed but I hope I make sense - oh and I had a drink to celebrate so may waffle!!!

I have been doing Andy Skinners timeworn techniques workshop online over the last few weeks it has been well worth doing (no Andy is not paying me to say this!!) details can be found at


Andy taught us paint techniques to make things look timeworn - rusty metal, chipped paint antique brass (love this one although I have done so much I need some more gold alcohol ink! It was an incredibly enjoyable few weeks and sad that it has come to an end, there is a forum that runs alongside the workshop to share work, and chat to other delegates this has been great fun sharing and learning - there has been some fantastic no spectacular work shown on here great for inspiration.

Anyway the reason for my post tonight is that there has been a competition that was optional we could work towards and Andy surprised us last week that he had managed to get 3 judges the guys at Decoart Inc. Stanford Kentucky, we used a lot of decoart paint, Louise Crosbie and Tim Holtz!!

Well after I heard this my project changed and started work on my new project - even worked through the night on Friday to finish it

anyway this is what I came up with (Andy did the montage)

The results cam out tonight and I came second!!!!

I really still cant believe it - my eldest had said to me the other day "don't take this the wrong way mum but I don't think you are going to win!" well he was right but it was close! I won a Tim Holtz tote bag from the idea-ology range!!

Well there you go - I have learnt a lot from Andy and the Guys on the forum and want to thank you all I couldn't and wouldn't have done it without all your support and this blog will hopefully start to show what I am capable of!


  1. Your piece is fantastic Rachel and your win is so well deserved, I love really love it. :)

  2. You deserved to get that tote bag Rachel, your piece was fantastic..... I learnt so much on the course, bring on the next one..... x